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"I just want to read a book, eat good food, and take deep breaths." Yes it is that simple. A spacious retreat with room to enjoy the farm.

About this Event
"There’s the space that seems to be out there, like the sky and the ocean and the wind, and there’s the space that seems to be inside. We could let the whole thing mix up. We could let the whole thing just dissolve into each other and into one big space. Practice is about allowing a lot of space. It’s about learning how to connect with that spaciousness that’s inside, and the spaciousness that’s outside. It’s about learning to relax, soften, and open — to connect with the sense that there’s actually a lot of room." says Pema Chödron

How often are we filling our lives with the "doing" and forgetting to be. Even when we head off to a retreat we can find ourselves with itineraries so full we forget we are there to relax. EAT. BREATHE. READ. RETREAT is an experience designed out of a deep desire to create spaciousness in our lives allowing room for gratitude for all the simple pleasures and room for deep connection to self, nature, and one another.

Ytsera has thoughtfully designed this retreat with host "Enjoy The Farm" a nine acre permaculture farm located adjacent a nature preserve. With nature trails, a classic farm house, quant casita, cozy loft apartment, tent camping, glamping, and sweet reading nooks nestled throughout the property.


Take a deep breath from the moment you arrive, we begin with transformational breath-work led by the much sought after facilitator Karen Winter, Author of "What Would Love Do Now". The life altering motion in breath is based on the universal principle that simply states that a lower vibrational pattern can permanently be changed in to a higher frequency by coming into contact with a higher vibrational energy source. That is why you feel lighter and clearer after being bathed with the higher vibrational energy that the breath brings. Breath accesses our electromagnetic field at the cellular level and creates permanent healing and transformation.


Connecting to the land on guided hikes led by permaculturist, up-cycling expert and founder of "Enjoy the Farm" Ed Lewis. After years of surfing the Encinitas waves and seeing the waste created by broken boards and those blanks left on the cutting room floor, Ed took the opportunity to transform this waste into useful and valuable materials. Ed is creator of Enjoy Hand Planes, sold at Patagonia stores throughout the states. Hand planes are mini-boards attached to the hands of body surfers to secure the most epic of rides.


Nourish yourself with delicious meals prepared by celebrity chef and author of Making Love in the Kitchen Ben Aresty. Meet a community of individuals who share in the common desire for spaciousness and connect at the outdoor tables under soft lights and the starry sky. Chef and creator Ben Aresty understands the powerful role food plays in our health and the subtle sometimes unnoticed relationship we have with food. How does our relationship with food affect our lives? What can we learn from our past and how can we create a healthy dynamic that radiates into all aspects of life?

Friday October 18th
  • Arrive between 4-5pm, get settled in.
  • 5:30-7:30pm Transformational Breath Work Session led by Karen Winter
  • 7:30pm Welcome Dinner by Ben Aresty
  • Star Gazing and Slumber
Saturday October 19th
  • 6-6:30 am Meditation led by Ben Aresty
  • 7-9 am Enjoy Breakfast
  • 9 - 12:30pm Enjoy The Farm
  • 1pm Farm to Table Lunch Conversation on books that have transformed our lives, sharing insight and must-reads.
  • 4pm Guided Hike with Ed Lewis
  • 7pm Dinner and Conversation exploring our personal stories and guided by TEDx producer Amber Brandner
  • 7-9am Transformational Breath Work led by Karen Winter
  • 9:30-11am Brunch
  • 1pm Checkout

contact us for being added to a wait list or to be notified for the next event. Thank you!!

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